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The work plan is organized in a 24 months basis, tasks and roles have been agreed among partners already at application stage in order to enhance each organization experiences and know how, as well ensure that all project objectives will be achieved at a high quality standard. The project is planned to start the 1st November 2017 and it is organized into 2 Intellectual Outputs interconnected.

1. RESEARCH (M1-M5) This phase will include an existing situation analysis to select teachers for training (IO1) and the pilot test (IO2) and explore the knowledge, attitude and skills and gaps concerting entrepreneurial education. The focus will be also on: interest on being engaged into the project activities and existing innovative methodologies for teaching such as the learning snacks and the community of practice.

2. PLANNING PHASE (M5-M8) Based on the initial research phase, a Training Plan will be designed for the proper development of The ST Bank entrepreneurial Course for teachers (IO1). At the same time, the partners will design the ST Bank Platform (IO2) in accordance with the training plan and the technology available that suits better with the project needs.

3. DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONTENT (M8-M22) Once that the planning phase is over, the project partners will cooperate for the proper development of the 2 Intellectual Outputs. Indeed the training contents and the platform will be developed, adapted to distant learning environment and enriched with tools for assessment of acquired knowledge and competences. The contents will be proposed at the end of this phase to the target group, the teachers through a Short-term join staff training events and Pilot (IO2).

4. PILOT TEST AND EVALUATION (M19-M24) In order to test the project results, the following activities will be developed: The pilot test will involve 5 schools p/country from 6 different countries (P6-EM excluded) and it will test the online training material delivered with the learning snacks and the Platform. The teachers involved will be asked to access to the training contents and tools, get the training and provide feedback and to test the ST back platform with their students in terms of accessibility, general functionality and interactiveness of the platform. The participants will be asked to provide feedbacks through an anonymous questionnaire. Indeed after the pilot tests, an evaluation phase is foreseen to collect feedbacks from the project participants.

5. VALORIZATION (M1-M24) Dissemination and exploitation activities will be carried out during the overall lifespan of the project, with an emphasis on the last months, when the products will be fine-tuned and made available online. The project methodology is based on 3 principles:

1. Develop products that are the best suited to the needs of the target group identified. Although a preliminary study of needs and trends has already been conducted, the consortium still plans to start fieldwork in the areas involved. This will somehow create an engagement of the concrete people involved, which will act as multipliers.

2. Make the products of the project sustainable and usable for a large number of stakeholders even after the end of the eligible period. Starting from the needs identified at local level during the first phase, the partners will develop and adapt contents and tools to the general public of schools, professional institutes, teachers networks and other relevant stakeholders.

3. Develop a learning process based on “active learning”, “learning by doing” principles. With regard to the management of the project, the partners can count on a long experience in implementing complex transnational actions and the use of management tools and programs for effective planning, division of tasks and responsibilities, respect deadlines, business planning, conflict resolution and quality assurance.

Apart from initial online communications that have been already organized by the project transnational team, regarding the agreement for the development of the application, an those that will intervene at initial project stage, after the approval, partners have agreed on the organization of 5 phase-to-phase transnational meeting, taking place at key moments and places of the overall project implementation.

• The KICK-OFF MEETING (M1) will be held in FRANCE, Strasbourg, hosted by the P1-ALDA at Month 1. Partners will physically meet and further explore the project objectives and overall strategy, setting the basis for the cooperation and beyond. During the kick off meeting partners will share their views and strategies for the practical implementation of the project and especially about the first project activities, such as: -

Management aspects

- Quality assurance issues

- Dissemination plan

- Intellectual Output 2 – Methodology, tasks and responsibilities, as well as deadlines

- Eventual Budget amendments and Financial reporting procedures

- Formal obligations: Grant Agreement and Partnership Agreement

•The 2ND TRANSATIONAL PROJECT MEETING (M2) will take place in GREECE, Katerini, hosted by P2- PLATON at Month 8 after the first phase of the project, in order to define the final version of the training plan developed by all the partners as a guideline for the development of the training modules. At the same time, this 2nd meeting will support the consortium in the design definition of the platform and in preparing the first interim report.

• The 3RD TRANSATIONAL PROJECT MEETING (M3) will be held in BELGIUM, Brussels, hosted by P3-EUN at Month 13 when the partners are all developing the training contents for the proper development of the training course and it will set the baseline for the train the trainers. At this stage, fundamental will be also to check the consistency of the IO1 and the IO2.

• The 4TH TRANSATIONAL PROJECT MEETING (M4) will be held in ITALY, Milan, hosted by EM at Month 18 when the project contents are ready for pilot and evaluation. Furthermore, the coordinator will provide instruction for the final report.

• The LAST TRANSATIONAL PROJECT MEETING (M5) will be held in the Netherlands, Leeuwarden, hosted by INQ at Month 24 together with the final exploitation conference to disseminate the project results and discuss future collaboration between the members.

Meetings have been organized on a base of five/nine month distance approximately, to ensure that partners will meet at project milestones achievement. Partners will attend the kick off meeting and the final meeting with two attendees, because these events will require more work being the first and the last occasion of meeting for all the partners. The other will be attended by one member of the staff. The coordinator will attend with 2 staff members because it will bring one Project Coordinator and a project assistant.

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