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Jeroen Sanders’ testimony STBANK teacher course


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Hi everybody,

Last March I attended The Student Talent Bank course in Brussels. My name is Jeroen Sanders and I work as vice principle for Rietveld Lyceum in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Our school works with the concept of entrepreneurial education. That’s why I was particularly interested in EntreComp Framework. On the forehand I was not really sure about what to expect from this course, but looking back I am very happy I have gotten the opportunity to attend the course.

In the first place the location, Schoolnet Brussels’ Future Classroom, was appealing. The concept of six different learning zones in one room has triggered me. In the second place I found it really interesting to meet teachers and school board members from other countries to exchange ideas and visions about education. Sometimes differences were quite shocking. But more often they worked inspirationally.

And of course there is program. Many different subjects were provided during the three days, including prejudices, collaborative working, eTwinning, etc. Some subjects were completely new to me and got me to think. I obtained lots of reflections and suggestions to improve our own education.

Last but not least: the people. The group contained about 30 people and together with the teacher and organizational staff we managed to create a nice learning environment but also we exchanged lots of personal and cultural values and ideas. Overall: I enjoyed this course a lot and look back at it with a big smile!

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