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ST Bank training course - entrepreneurial teaching in practice

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The Student Talent Bank project hosted a three-day training course on entrepreneurial education, which took place on 4- 6 March at European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab, in Brussels. Teachers from six European countries (Belgium, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain) discussed ways to integrate entrepreneurial teaching in their school context by focusing on topics such as social and emotional learning, collaboration, tackling prejudice and stereotypes, and many more.  Entrepreneurial teaching and learning was discussed in its broader meaning of acting upon opportunities as seen in the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp). 

The first day of the training, participants focused on the concept of entrepreneurial education, with an emphasis on EntreComp, a framework developed by the Joint Research Centre that defines entrepreneurship as a set of 15 competences interconnected and interrelated. They also discussed how to foster these skills in the classroom developing new pedagogies and learning environments, for example, using project-based learning or social and emotional learning. Moreover, they enjoyed a guided tour through the six learning zones of the Future Classroom Lab that challenged them to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms.

Participants continued working on how to foster entrepreneurial skills in the classroom on the second day but, in this occasion, with a focus on multidisciplinary approaches and how to embrace diversity in the classroom through social and emotional learning. In current multicultural schools, it is important for teachers to learn how to handle diversity, benefit from it and make their students aware of these benefits. Mentoring, leadership, conflict management, and how to provide feedback in a constructive manner were other topics of discussion.

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The last day focused on collaboration techniques, where participants had also the chance to practice networking and peer-learning as a way to encourage greater collaboration in their classroom. The training was concluded with a self-reflection session and the certificates ceremony.

After three intense days of exchange, teachers went back home with new ideas on how to embed entrepreneurial education in their lessons and how to develop innovative pedagogical approaches in their teaching. In addition to supporting educators in their teaching practice, the ST Bank course aimed to give them an opportunity to meet colleagues from various national and educational contexts and allow them to exchange in a more informal environment. This was supported by the social activities organized in the evenings of the three days of the training.

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