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Eko Kooistra’s testimony STBANK teacher course

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For the Friesland College, in Friesland/Holland I teach entrepreneurship where MBO (high secondary level) students start their own business. Some do it individually, others work in teams. I've been doing this for four years. I inspire them to pursue their dreams and motivate them to give them tools so that they can make conscious choices for their business or social life. 

How do we put students back into active mode? How do you make sure that their dreams and ambitions are pursued, that they take responsibility and that they are ready for today's and tomorrow’s world? To this end, I was in Brussels at the beginning of March 2019, to see how I can get entrepreneurial students to adopt that attitude.

The exchange of cultural backgrounds, especially at European level, is particularly interesting with this training. Through diversity, I saw the richness of Europe and its strength. The strength to build bridges from these differences and to start collaborations on how to unify European education. These differences gave me an insight into the importance of exchange with students/pupils from other European countries in the field of entrepreneurship. And how education plays an important role in this.

In a world where a student develops as a conscious entrepreneurial individual, who sees opportunities instead of problems and takes responsibility has enriched my insight into education and Europe during the training days. Meeting international teachers with the same ambition and goals supports me to continue and develop international projects in the field of entrepreneurship to make use of the diversity from Europe.

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