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Activities and resources on fostering entrepreneurial mindsets

Inspiring activities and resources on fostering entrepreneurial mindsets



The entrepreneurial mindset: from kid to entrepreneur

Video series on EntreComp

Growth mindset: The Power to believe that you can improve

Webinar: Using Design Thinking to foster Entrepreneurial Skills and Mindset

Resources (Toolkits, lessons, programmes)

EntreLearn Toolkit    A toolkit with short practical activities following the competences in EntreComp

L33N Learning Snacks short knowledge videos on entrepreneurship teaching and learning

Virtual Guide to Entrepreneurial Learning  Tools and methods to support entrepreneurial teaching and learning.

Entrepreneurial challenges from YouthStart A set of practical activities in challenge-based learning

Boosting a Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship in Your Students A MOOC for primary and secondary school teachers on fostering entrepreneurial mindset

Genius hour Tips on how to implement Genius hour, allowing students to explore their own passions and encouraging creativity in the classroom

Learning Mindfulness Centered on Kindness to Oneself and Others Mindfulness in the classroom, practices, exercise and tips  for implementation

Mindfulness in Schools project  Mindfulness curriculum for 11-18 year olds with 9 lessons aimed at distinct mindfulness skills

The Youth Start Mindfulness Programme  “Why Mindfulness?” PDF  A fully-developed  training programme designed for use in school lessons with children and adolescents (curriculum, exercises, templates and material)

Toolkit for Promoting Empathy in Schools Tips and tools, lesson plans and examples

Useful readings

Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

EntreComp into Action: A user guide to the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

Entrepreneurship Competence: an overview of existing concepts, policies and initiatives

Entrepreneurship Education: What, Why, When and How

Final Report of the Thematic Working Group on Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education: a Guide for Educators

L33N: Liminality and educational entrepreneurship: a discovery journey

Challenge-based learning Guide

Best practices and Pedagogical methods in entrepreneurship Education in Europe

Assessment for Learning (AfL)

Enterprise Education in Schools and the Role of Competency Frameworks

The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship: a discursive battle for the school arena


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