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ALDA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of good local governance, namely through the empowerment of civil society and the promotion of active citizenship. It works in the EU, in the Balkans and in the last years, in South Caucasus and North Africa. ALDA focuses its work on various themes, such as European integration, civic initiatives, youth involvement, human rights, immigration, equal opportunities, sustainable economic development and volunteering. ALDA is a membership based organization gathering more than 250 members (including Local Authorities, CSOs, youth associations, Universities) coming from more than 40 countries. ALDA is funded through membership fees and project funding from the European Commission (Europe for Citizens and Youth in Action among the others), the Council of Europe and other public and private donors.

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Platon Schools

Kindergarten – Primary – Secondary – Lifelong Learning Centre

Platon Schools is a modern educational institution with 650 learners and 120 staff. Through the use of the most up-to-date facilities, a diverse curriculum, experienced and skilled teaching staff and, most importantly, through consistency on principles and respect towards pupils and parents, our school has been struggling during the last ten years for the accomplished education of our pupils.

Platon’s staff design and develop learning and teaching material in formal and informal methods. Implement this material and methods in ordinary program and in parallel school activities. Also has coordinated and gained expertise in a Minerva project regarding Open educational resources. The school staff has trained and applied many innovative activities in all grades.

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European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet (EUN) is a unique network governed by 31 national Ministries of Education (MoE) in Europe and beyond. It was created 18 years ago as a partnership by national ministries to support innovation in teaching and learning in cooperation with its key stakeholders: MoE, schools, teachers, researchers and industry partners. EUN’s activities are divided among three key areas of work: policy, research and innovation; school services; learning content exchange and interoperability. European Schoolnet was originally conceived and continues to be a knowledge building network, enabling national Ministries of Education to share experience and problems and to learn from each other.

With a staff of 60 in Brussels, EUN is an international not-for-profit association (AISBL) funded directly via annual membership fees from all participating MoE and via participation in projects supported by the European Commission and other bodies. Increasingly, EUN projects, MoE working groups and other initiatives such as its Future Classroom Lab are developed and funded as multi-stakeholder partnerships involving education ministries, foundations, ICT vendors, industry bodies and other companies supporting school development. Currently, over 40 such organizations, including many major ICT suppliers, are actively involved in EUN activities.

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University of Valladolid

University of Valladolid (UVA) is one of the most important centers of Higher Education in Spain. It counts on four campuses -Valladolid, Palencia, Segovia and Soria, over 100 degrees, 80 doctoral programs (14 with Honor Mention) and 68 postgraduate degree, accredited international relations and prestigious research Centers. On average, nearly 25,000 students enroll each year, counts on more than 2,500 teachers and nearly 1,000 people dealing with administration tasks and other services. Over 60% of students do internships in companies and other institutions. It offers a comprehensive range of double international degrees, and promotes the transfer of research results.

Our target researching is energy, environment, agro food, Sustainable Industrial Process and bio waste. The UVA manages around 180/year research projects financed through competitive public R+D+i calls (European, national or regional), and approximately 500 contracts and agreements aimed at the transfer of knowledge and technology, amounting to an average value of over fifteen million Euros per annum. Moreover, its researchers take part in almost 250 further projects and contracts managed by other institutions. UVA has been taking part in a very active way in different European projects, at research or training level, during the last 20 years. There is a long experience in international projects developed by different groups of research in the University and different fields of knowledge.

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Inqubator Leeuwarden

Stichting Incubator

Inqubator Leeuwarden (Stichting Incubator) has been active in the northern part of the Netherlands since its establishment as a foundation in 2010. The Inqubator is backed by a.o. the Municipality of Leeuwarden, Business Innovation Center BDF, and schools and universities in the region. The focus of Inqubator is on helping starting companies to firmly establish their business and to help them maximize their growth over a maximum period of three years. To this end, Inqubator offers a shared room facility in which starting entrepreneurs can work on their business plan, can get advice on how they should proceed in the development of their business and follow different kinds of workshops and masterclasses. Inqubator also offers office space for starting companies that have outgrown the shared office space and need their own office.

The office space Inqubator offers is just a small part of the package it offers. Inqubator provides start-ups with an office, knowledge, network, advice, training and workshops in cooperation with business and educational partners. Inqubator is official partner of the crowdfunding programme Crowdaboutnow. Most start-up entrepreneurs originate from of one of high schools, vocational schools or Universities in the city of Leeuwarden, a lot of them are in the creative sector and/or ICT. Inqubator is in close contact with these schools and supports them with the educational programmes on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset by organizing lectures, set-up-your-business-in-a-day events at school etc.

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Eurocrea Merchant

Eurocrea Merchant

Eurocrea Merchant is a consulting and training company based in Italy, with two offices located in Milan and Naples. Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of the European society, through business development, training and creation of transnational partnerships. The company was born 20 years ago with a focus on business and finance and with the aim to support Italian SMEs in the process of start-up and management of the company. After few years form its creation, however, Eurocrea Merchant has built up a team of professionals experts in education and training. This brought the company to work as a training centre, specialised in topics related on one hand to entrepreneurships, on the other hand to sustainability.

In doing this, Eurocrea has always been looking for the European added value of its activities, thanks to the collaboration with several private and public partners from European countries other than Italy. In this context, Eurocrea gained expertise in the design and management of European projects, which allowed to further develop and increase the company’s activities in the field of business and education.

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School Inspectorate of Iasi county

Inspectoratul scolar judetean Iasi

School Inspectorate of Iasi county (Inspectoratul scolar judetean Iasi) is directly linked with Ministry of Education and it is a local educational authority, public institution, which ensures counseling, coordination and controlling activities at the highest professional standards for education and vocational training institutions. Here activate 33 inspectors who coordinate and evaluate the activities carried out in approximately 300 schools (pre-school, primary and secondary level) where learn 140,000 students and teach 14,000 teachers. The School Inspectorate of Iasi permanently improves the services offered, by:

- continuously evaluating the school inspectors’ activity

- consulting all the actors involved in education (teachers, pupils, parents, the local community) regarding the approaches used to increase the quality of the educational services

- communicating efficiently and systematically with the representatives of the teachers, pupils, parents and the local communities to get the relevant information that is connected to education and the school institutions

- joining partnerships and collaborating with similar structures in Romania and abroad, with NGO’s, with representatives of the national, regional and local authorities

- continuously comparing the results of the activity of the School Inspectorate with the ones of similar institutions across Europe

- supporting and encouraging the staff to take part in the lifelong learning programme.

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